ECCCS celebrated its 30th Anniversary on July 17, and 2021.  The school was founded in 1991 by Dr. Charles E. McCollum, Sr. The school formerly known as Eastern North Carolina Theological Institute was formed to sharpen the minds and skills of students seeking academic excellence in theology and Christian education. 


ECCCS goal is to inspire spiritual growth, promote Christian education among aspiring theology scholars, and provide religious training and leadership skills, in preparation for pastoral and lay position in the church and society at large.   At ECCCS students experience a broader theological educational base that exposes students to the actual content of the Word of God.  ECCCS commitment to students is reflected in the technology incorporated in the classrooms, academic support services, online and distance learning opportunities with accelerated curriculum, life experience credits, tutoring, flexible scheduling and affordable tuition.


ECCCS has received substantial recognition for its’ novel approach to assisting non-traditional students balancing the demands of fulltime jobs and raising families, while maintaining their course obligations.  ECCCS in collaboration with Halifax Community College has an affiliate agreement, to provide basic educational courses for ECCCS’ students and library privileges, while ECCCS implements the first phase design and development, for the physical addition to the present facility: gymnasium and additional classrooms are in its future plans.  

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